Autumns Eyes give seasons change a sound

We're going closer towards the cold days. Halloween marks the point between the last warmer moments and the going over to the less well-feeling times. How does this change sound in the world of music?

Autumns Eyes have given these season a own treatment with the release of the single called "Death Of October". Musically it cracks the borders of boundaries and limitations. It recalls some modern Paradise Lost songs in my mind, think of the "Host" album or the self-titled record of the same english formation and also Type O Negative can be heard.

This one comes around as a teaser to the full album "Ending Life Slowly" that's going to see it's release at the very end of October - exactly on Halloween 2017.

Pre-orders are now online at https://autumnseyes.bandcamp.com/album/ending-life-slowly and the album's track listing is as follows:

1. Death of October
2. Break the Skin
3. Your Last Day
4. Moments Into Memories
5. The Honest Liars
6. Couldn’t Hold On
7. Far Away From Fading
8. Internal Arson
9. Open Your Eyes, Not Your Wrists
10. Under the Skin of the Sun

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