Eyestral put out horror-themed lyric video

I haven't come across a Thrash Metal band that put's out such stuff in a long, long time. In fact I remember Megadeth put out such stuff way back in their beginnings (just had a look into the booklet of the Peace Sells album and that was a fine reminder of how they wrote song text in those days).

The nice thing about this particular one of french Thrashers Eyestral is that the video doesn't just show the song text but also changes in various ways throughout the song duration. The lyrics make me feel a bit scary at times with it's dark and bad setting. In addition it's great to have some progressive elements in the music. It rounds out the package with nearly 10 minutes of ripping guitars and powerhouse drums very good. It's a fine neckbreaker.

This first full song comes along as a sign of the coming release of Eyestral who will put out their first full length record "Beyond" on digital plattforms on October 25th. The longplayer will be available from November 10th in Europe. You may also pre-order the physical release straight away through the webstore of Music Records.

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