Darkwell give in-depth look into making of videos

Music videos have a long tradition and they have evolved from simple videos to mini-movies. But how are these clips created and what does it take to put them together? It's rare that these questions are answered. Most times you find such making of's on DVD's at the bonus material section.

Female fronted Symphonic metallers Darkwell have given us now a extensive look behind the scenes. The band made two high quality clips for the tracks "Yoshiwara" and "Moloch" both centered around the Metropolis movie theme.

Find out how the band brought the unreal world of the movie to life and what else happened in the five days the clips were shooted. Besides much work you'll also spot some funny scenes and have fine Darkwell music with it. More info on the band and purchase links for their latest album "Moloch" can be found on Facebook.

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