Raptore take us on board for a Night On Fire

This is oldschool heavy 'n' speed metal with a cool vibe and catchy chorus in it coming all the way from Argentina. The band takes a journey through the night and I like the way the video is done in a simple self-filming style. The cuts taken of a show at a small club with few light in it add to the 80s feeling this one strongly spreads around. Come and join the band on their way until the dawn breaks.

The whole album “Rage n' Fever” is held in this traditional way but with variations. There is room for Accept and early Scorpions influenced heavy metal, speedy elements of Exciter, vibe of 70s rock n roll, thrashy aggression and of course appeal of NWOBHM. While listening to it it's hard to believe that this one has been created and recorded in these times we're living in and not way back in the 70s or 80s.

The re-issued album contains two bonus tracks and can be heard at the Bandcamp page of their label Witches Brew. It comes with a cover version of Venom’s Witching Hour and Charger’s Desperadoes (a lost but underrated NWOBHM gem).

Make sure to tune in to their Facebook page to stay up to date.

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