Salems Lott surprise with unplugged part in power track

This band has made something very unusual. They've included a unplugged guitar part inside a very powerful track. The song itself is build a classic way those Hard Rock tracks are set up.

It's going straight into the heart and soul with it's fast and straight forward headbang-along uptempo. Next comes the solo section with all of it's guitar fury. Just seconds later you'll spot this great unplugged insert.

Directed by Ian Moore and produced by UWOWI, the video features an original interpretation of a cult classic originally featured in the classic Horror film "Fright Night". The video depicts the dangers of succumbing to darker temptations in contrast to sublimating and accepting those same "beastly" aspects of humanity and channeling them into creativity.

The band logo of Salems Lott, (c) by Salems Lott, used with kind permission
The song appears on part one of a album series the band has just started with. To purchase a copy of Salems Lott - Mask Of Morality, visit iTunes or Spotify.

For more info on the band just visit the band's website.

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