Lebowskii hand new EP for special price

Just recently Grip Inc. came back to my mind. Having looked through their releases I asked if any band out there would have taken up their path...

Looks like my question has been answered. The preview track of the coming EP of Lebowskii shoots out the same agressive yet very detailed look towards sharp, compact riffage rounded out with some own nice ideas that shine every here and there. The drumming also goes in that direction going a bit abroad the standard pattern every here and there. Thankfully the vocals are rough but not to over screamed.

In addition to that the band has set up a special pre-order price with their label Music Records from France. From January 16th till February 15th, "Liquidators" will be available as a Digipack hardcopy for 4,50 € instead of 7€ on the webstore of Music-Records.

Lebowskii Liquidators promo banner, (c) by Lebowskii, used with kind permission

Lebowskii will be on tour to promote their new EP in 2018 and 2019. Make sure to check their Facebook account for details.

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