What would Jesus sell?

Also Metal music is often associated with darker parts of life there is in fact a sidearm that has a look upon the christian side of our music. It's called White Metal and I became most aware of it when I went to a show of Narnia.

They opened up for Dio and had this lion as a backdrop. I remember they played "The Awakening" that evening and it talked about the spiritual side and how we start to face it.

Back in present day I nearly forgot about this until this documentation knocked on my door. There are some guys out there that call themselves BadChristian. They want to take a sharp and critical look upon how Christianity is connected with (Metal) music. What is going on behind the curtains of this business? This is what the documentary will be about in my eyes. It will be told from the view of those who have been involved into this business themselves.

The campaign picture of "What would Jesus sell?", (c) by BC Media, used with kind permission

 A quote of the Kickstarter page tells more details about what this documentary aims to be:

"As the music industry has declined over the past few decades, dwindling returns have incentivized the profit-securing practice for Christian artists and labels to project an image that is often contrary their individual values.

Our goal is to craft a documentary that

    Uncovers the truth about dishonest image control
    Explores the profit motives that influence faith-based music
    Redeems the honest aspects of the industry & artists involved"

Matt Carter, CEO of Bad Christian, explains, “I’ve been involved with the Christian music industry for 15 years. There are these huge gulfs between the insiders and the consumers, and between the consumers and the general mainstream  public. This creates so many weird, interesting, and often depressing realities and stories. We are excited to bring some of it out into the light of day.”

The documentary is being directed by James Wightman, a long-time filmmaker for Emery and BadChristian. “Internally we’ve been brainstorming and developing this idea and proof of concept for almost two years, and it seems like the perfect story for BadChristian to be able to tell like nobody else can. Everyone involved with this project has at different times, benefitted from, believed in, and been burned by this crazy industry. The whole goal with the documentary is to tell those stories honestly, because it seems that the public is largely unaware of the inner-workings and the nature of it, both good and bad.”

Have a look at the trailer for a better idea of the project.

Currently a Kickstarter is running asking to support them on their mission. Producing quality stuff takes money no question but the team has already started to work on the project out of their own pockets. By now the time has come to go into final production stages so more cash is needed to finish things. In return there's a wide range of rewards. They go for a reasonable price that's compareable to what needs to be paid at local stores.

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