Blacktop Mojo calls to keep the heart free in new video

Music can set emotions free. They come out for me the most and in it's purest form when a band plays a acoustic track. I don't know why but it's always a deeply moving moment for me. I can't say anything just sit there feeling touched so deep inside.

This moment came along as I recently sat at my laptop and watched a live recording of Blacktop Mojo's acoustic performance for the song "Underneath". Enjoy every second of this fragile and breathtaking performance.

Besides the fine music the lyrics hold a important piece of advice for living life. Nathan Gillis, Drummer of the band explains what the band want's to express with this track.

"I've seen firsthand how bitterness and anger can destroy a person from the inside out. This song is about that, but also saying "I understand what happened, and I'm sorry you went through the painful things  that brought you to this point" Keep your heart free , forgive people even if they don't deserve it."

The studio version of this song comes of the band's great record entitled "Burn The Ships". Don't miss out this gem and make sure to pick up a copy out of the band's hands. 

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