CD Review: God In A Cone - Earth my prison (Experimental, 2018)

This project has become a surprise bag for me everytime I look inside. You can never know what comes next - this time around it's more of the heavy side along with much positive vibes.

The front cover of God In A Cone's Earth my prison Artwork : Ble Logo : Daniel Goudelis, (c) by God In A Cone, used with kind permission
Nick Marinos is the head and creative force behind God In A Cone. He works constantly on new material and it sounds like he has a lot to say to the world. All the previous releases already proved that he is able to write material of very different kind of styles. It's his open-mind attempt that is biggest strength in my eyes.

For this round of songs the more slightly heavier side seems to have influenced Marinos songwriting. But the songpackage is also far more treated with good vibes than ever before. The cool thing is that the tracks remain to catch your ears so quickly that listening is a massive joy straight from the first minute.

Track-by-Track breakdown
The intro "Necrology" spreads irritation with it's spoken parts and few rhythm patterns but the second one "Relief" goes straight to the strong meat. It surprised me with it's gothic hard guitar attack and dark vocals.

Happily it also shows that the fine tradition of earcatchy refrains is not gone.  But you'll have to get on further to track two to get this clearer. From there on the record shows it's openess far more. Good vibes start to spread and give me a kick to start into the day.

"Sell a life" sounds like the first acoustic attempt from Marinos. I love to hear that. It's just great. It's not sadness but easyness coming along through my speakers.

Follow us "River Down" and have a party. This track invites you to have a good time. Light instruments touch you before some heavyness comes shining in. "XFool" will let you dance with it's pumping rhythm and light keyboards. The refrains want's you to sing along to it.

"Inside the globe" gives a slower to the end. You'll come down to this one without being let down. A great way to close and round out a great time - once again a slightly more heavy way like on the beginning of the disc and also the longest track.

Purchase-Link and Preview-Track
This release will come around for the first time on a Compact Disc. Make sure to have a eye on the God In A Cone Facebook page for the exact release date and where to order your copy.

This is a release not to be missed - it's the soundtrack to your great summer of 2018. Well worth some bucks. Make sure to let your friends know about it.  

Music is pure positive power against worries and this record proves why.

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