Metal Singles & Dating Community Bound By Metal opens it's doors

Do you often feel lonely and left behind on your own with all the stuff life provides? A new love is like a new life they say. Sure it's not sunshine all the way when you have someone by your side (I spoke about the darker sides in the previous post) but going all alone in solo mode surely can also negative effects with it. We all need a bit of uplifting at times I think.

But where to find your significant other? The internet has become a big place to look and find. The Metalmusic plattform Bound By Metal shows a heart for singles and has opened up a free and open Single and Dating platform to show yourselves and your likes in metal music.

A look at the Bound By Metal website

It has been proven that new partners often speak about music in the first time while they
get to know each other. So this could be your chance! Visit www.boundbymetal.com to sign up and start getting to know other Metal maniacs. Over 1000 people have already joined the community.

The use of this service is free of charge and will remain this way. In addition to that
you'll take part in a raffle automatically with joining the site. The prices are given away
in waves each time a new total number of members is reached. So make sure to notify others of this great new opportunity to find your loved one's and unlock the next raffle stage quicker together.

P.S. The Bound by Metal portal also supports nearly all the Metal bands out there and introduces them with full discography and videos. One more reason to join forces with them.

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