Single Review: Swirl - The Lift (Heavy Rock, 2018)

Feeling bad? This one track will help you get back in a good mood.

Swirl came to me as a band playing the classic heavy rock note but having spread own ideas and fine undertones all over their sound. This track called "The Lift" comes around as a first sign of new music from the US band.

The cover of Swirl's new single "The Lift", (c) by Swirl, used with kind permission

The sound is much shaper, clearer and compact than on the previous release - the Swirl disc that contained songs that also were used in the "Ditch Day Massacre" movie. I think that's a big plus. You can access the music much faster this way I think. Overall the song does what the track name promises -  it lift's my feelings up. It has a easier feeling with it compared to the older tunes.

What else has changed? The vocals are outworked more and point the listener's attention to various corners of the song. It shows evolvement no question. The last third is a bit rougher with repeating the chorus over and over again and much heavier guitars in the sound. That goes a bit deeper under the skin. That's why I would say they do heavy and not just hard rock.

Puchase Link & Stream
You can pick the song up as download single as part of the running GoFundMe campaign. If you purchase the track over there you will not only get the electric but also the accoustic version of "The Lift" as a bonus.

If you spend some more money you can get your hand on some more cool stuff in return. For instance the band is open to play a house party for people living in certain regions of the US - wouldn't that rock your next birthday party? Just imagine you can say you have the band onstage tonight that has songs that were used in the "Ditch Day Massacre" movie. People could rock out to this all the way! Overall the more you give the more new music the band can produce.

If that doesn't fit your needs you can still get the onetracker as regular download on the portals such as iTunes but this only secures you the electric version.

Song Stream
Listen and relax.

Keep a eye on Swirl with Facebook or check the good old homepage of 'em.

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