CD Review: Interdrive - EP3 (Alternative Stoner Metal, 2016)

This came in at the right time on a stressy Monday evening - what a healthy cure.

The cover of Interdrive's "Aetheral" EP, (c) by Interdrive, used with kind permission

On a first listening this is typical brutal release. But as always a second look pays off. It's those moments when you take a closer look that you'll spot what makes this so special. It's the many ups and downs this EP provides that gives the music this mark - here comes something special to you.

I love those mixed vocals. The roughness of the dark toned voice just suits good to the agressive structured parts while the softer voice gives those melodic sections it's silk moments you need to be balanced. It's further great to hear that no moment lasts all too long in here. Just like in real life it changes quickly all the way throughout the duration of the whole material. The tempo is different on all tracks so it should offer something for all tastes out there.

A additional plus is the drummers work. Without ruining the music he moves like a shadow underlining the songs with the proper groove - that's not to be found all too often. Every here and there like in the opening track the songs changes over and moves to a time off - taking a time out of the usual structure. This feels refreshing and re-news the attention to the music. Overall the productionis fat and modern but not feeling overproduced or unreal.

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With every purchase you help a band to grow further. So spending a few spared bucks on this one will give you a calming down everytime you need it. Buy the digital version at Bandcamp or iTunes.

Connect with Interdrive on Facebook to keep a eye on the further progress. It's a pleasure to seesomething grow so it's well worth following them.

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