Graveshadow open the doorway to heaven

It goes up and down many times in life. I think this is maybe one of the biggest ressources for musicians to create their sounds and texts of. This particular one song talks soundwise for me a lot about that.

It also has it's highs and lows changing all the while. It's cool to hear that it has a controlled and finetuned dose of power with it something not to be found everywhere. Most of all the vocals stand out with it's many faces (good and dark/bad parts all shine in many variations on this track). This must have taken lot's of effort to get it on tape but the result for sure sounds impressive and it invites to listen once more just to make sure to have not missed out a vocal layer through the tracks duration.

"Doorway to heaven" is part of Graveshadow's new album "Ambition's Price" that has been put out on M-Theory Audio in April 2018. This band features Heather Michelle performing the vocals.

The cover for Graveshadow's album "Ambitions Price", painted by Dusan Markovic. (c) by Graveshadow, used with kind permission
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