Bollnäs Metal Rules in 2014 with great mix of local swedish bands

Wow, the traditionell Bollnäs Metal Rules festival comes in 2014 with a killer line-up. So far Inmoria, Gormathon, Bloodbound ,Senate of Prevail and Neuros Moonshiner have been confirmed for this event that will take place on May 31st 2014 at

821 00 Bollnäs

Wish I could be there, sounds like heaven on earth. If you want to more about the bands just click on the band name. I've linked all of their band names with their sites on Facebook.

For more info of the festival itself just go over to the Facebook event page or go to the festival subpage of the venue. Most of all have fun there and if you like please let me know how it was with writing a comment or writing me a short Email.

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