Christmas gift: Headbangers India Sampler Vol. 1

A heartfelt thank you very much goes out to all the readers of my blog! Hope you guys are having a great chrimas time, too. Please keep coming back to my site and to all the bands out there: please keep the superb music coming. Hope all of you are having a full blast headbanging session around the x-mas tree today. ;-)

As a little gift here's a link to download a 15 track sampler called "Headbangers India Volume I" featuring a overlook on the metal scene of India. Little is know so far from this country as far as it goes for the metal scene. Nevertheless there are bands out there that play Heavy Metal in this country also the circumstances for political and religious reasons aren't quite easy making the life and activity of those bands quite harsh. It's with even more respect that goes out from me to these bands that they don't give in but instead do what they believe in is important.

The cover for the Headbangers India Vol. 1 sampler, (c) Headbangers India web portal www. headbangers.in, used with kind permission

As far as I can judge from this sampler the bands out there play a very powerful and often even brutal interpretation of out beloved music. Having heard the tracks they feature a lot of power and energy that isn't quite easy to come along with even when you decide to play metal songs.

Besides the great download there's also the chance to stream the songs on the website for all those of you who prefer streaming over downloading. While you are listening or downloading the music please take the time to have a look around on the Headbangers India portal and read their "About us" section.  If you're looking for a metal concert to go to especially in India and the area around it don't miss out the "Gigs" section. You should easily be able to find a place where you can have a good time.

This site is not "only" a  portal to all the metal stuff happening in this country but also a fine website to keep a look on news, album releases and interviews from metal bands all around the world so make sure to check it out to get a full overlook on all the things going on in todays Metal scene. It's all kept in english language so you don't have to worry about any problems with understanding the content.

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