Bevar Sea taking us inside of the studio with full new song

Yeah, india's doom metal band Bevar Sea has entered the studio a while back to lay down their new written songs on tape. Happily enough for us the band is sharing some insights into this creative working process by letting us hear some of the new material in advance.

(c) by Bevar Sea, used with kind permission

This time they've released the full new track "Where there's smoke (there's a pyre)" on Soundcloud. As far as I can hear this one is showing a bit of the faster side of the new album since it's a pushing forward track yet it has all the strong and pure riffing trademark's for which doom metal became so loved and liked for.

What I like on top of this is that it comes along packed in such a traditional sounding production. It feels as if you could be inside of the rehearsal room with Bevar Sea and hear them playing. I love the roughness of the sound, it gives such a hard, heavy and direct feeling to the music. The song made me feel well all the way.

The new record is entitled "Invoke the bizarre" and has been set for release on 1st September 2015. Make sure to see the band's Soundcloud page, there's already more preview stuff up there for you to check out... And give the band a like on Facebook to be sure not to miss out the further recording process.

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