Interview with Eternal Voyager (2015)


Eternal Voyager came to me as a sort of good surprise. Being someone who grew up with the old classic bands from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal I always loved the old style that these bands represent with their classic songs. Just think of Judas Priest with their Screaming for Vengeance album or Iron Maiden's Piece of mind.

Of course times have changed ever since. It's good to see things evolve - these days productions sound very different, much brighter, heavier and often brutal. But it's always running through my head that I still love the old way of doing records.

Eternal Voyager seems to be the answer to what I am longing for. They keep their traditionell Power Metal in the old fashioned way of songwriting and production. For example there are songs on their album "The Battle of Eternity" that repeat the theme that is presented at the beginning of the track at the very end of it again. I instantly had to think of the old Omen albums again.

Eternal Voyager 2015, (c) by Eternal Voyager used with kind permission

I gave the album some spins and was so curious to find out more about them that I asked the band for a interview. I am glad guitarist and vocalist Brian Blake took the time to answer my questions in a very extended way. Get to know more about how the album came together, the myterious man on the front cover of the album and what they are going to do next.

The Interview

Heavy Metal Underdogs: 
The production on the CD sounds very oldschool. I love this, today's albums are often overproduced in my eyes/ears. I grew up with the old sound so I prefer it. Was the old-school production form something you had clearly on your mind as you went into the studio or how did it all come together?

Brian Blake:
It was a natural thing that happened it wasn’t really planned but it came out that way because of the producer’s style. I too enjoy the old school sound and production to albums. But this time around it was not planned out this way. Of course there are a lot things I would like to change but it captured the songs well enough.

The band underwent a lot of line-up changes and is already around since 1998. How did you manage to keep up the motivation?

It went through a lot of lineup changes for various reasons mostly because many people just didn’t make the cut or ended up with life and musical differences, which is a natural thing that happens. It has never been easy because I have been the original member having to carry the weight of the band through all of it and it was very hard; there were many times that I wanted to give up but I kept going. This new lineup has given me a newfound hope and positive outlook on the future of this band. The album itself finally getting recorded was very motivating and gave me more confidence because prior to that we never had the right people all of those years and I was never successful in getting a good professional recording done.

Did the fans maybe also took part in this by constantly requesting new shows or recordings?

Yes there were a few that followed us somewhat distantly through the years but we made a lot more new fans when the album came out because it was a solid recording . For about 4 years before the making of the album we had a big gap of silence due to lineup complications and member issues.

As for the lyrics of "The Battle of Eternity" - does it have a concept behind it? Is there also a relation to the cover artwork?

Yes there definitely is; the concept is more so a story line, not a concept album, but the theme runs throughout the album and we will continue that story line throughout the records that we produce in the future to some degree. Its really its own mythology of a ficticious character that comes from another dimension and there’s a lot of mystery as to who he really is. Which answers the question that the mascot on the cover will continue to evolve in his look and the story will evolve and unfold as well.

Which bands did you grew up with and which one's do influence you most up 'til today?

Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio; Iced Earth really changed my entire perspective on U.S. metal; but I also listen to a wide variety of power metal bands from all over the world. But our sound is centered more around the influence of Iced Earth, Hammerfall, and Iron Maiden. The band has a diverse influence even though I write the bulk of the music they have contributed based upon their individual experiences with different bands. Im always listening to new and different bands with new styles and expanding my writing experiences but the band name eternal voyager is ever moving and growing but keeping it focused on the true style and nature of our core concept of sound .

Is your drummers kit a custom kit that he maybe also manufactured himselves?

No it is a custom kit, he uses a Roland electronic kit that he added more toms and cymbals to that he customized himself and a sound pad that he uses for effects and extra drums that don’t exist on the kit itself.

What are your plans for the future?

Currently we are recording the second album which is coming along pretty well; we are about 5 songs in so we are nearing half way done in some aspects. The album will be mastered by Stu Marshall of Death Dealer, Empires of Eden and Ex Dungeon. We are very hopeful that this new record will be more diverse in its recording but still keep that old school raw sound without over- polishing it, but it will be a much bigger sounding album. We are playing lots of shows, mostly local right now but we are hopeful for some tours and we would love to come to Germany! We also plan to do a music video for one of the songs for the new cd very soon. We are very hopeful with the new lineup and this is the best the band has ever sounded. We want to live up to our name Eternal Voyager and the journey continues…

Outro: You can listen to the full album over at the Nimbit shop of the band. That's also the place where the album is available for purchase as download, as CD or in a bundle along with a shirt and poster.
If you want to get in touch with the band just click on to the band's website or follow them via Facebook or YouTube.

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