Divides explores inner torment in "Drag The River" music Video

What I like so much about music and videos is that they can tell a story and sometimes have a effect on you that will give you redemption. In addition to that it fascinates me how creative bands work these days. They don't need much to express their message but when they do it's often something you can relate to.

These thoughts quickly came to my mind when I saw the video "Drag the river" from the band "Divides". Marie who performs the vocals has brought things up for thought when she describes the topic of the lyrics with her own words: "This song was really cathartic for me to write," says Marie. "As humans, we tend to make choices from time to time that are really fucking stupid. 'Drag The River' is about digging out those parts of yourself and casting them away."

It's a great expression of a topic I think we all already had to deal with. The cool thing is that the band uses such a few simple elements (shouting, screaming, cutting the hair and most of all the mirror) to express the message of the lyrics perfectly.

Musically the band jumps back and forth through various styles of heavyness and tonality, something which is quite hard to get by. But it makes the track even more intensive and interesting. I think it perfectly represents the inner twist the person is in. Music can express so much more than words ever could...

(c) by Divides, used with kind permission

The song is taken off the band's upcoming album (release date and title is still yet to be announced). Make sure to keep a eye upon the band's website, Facebook or Twitter accounts to stay up to date about all the further release activities.

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