Senate Of Prevail presents video for the brand-new song Abandon all hope

The brandnew video from Senate Of Prevail is finally here! As I told in a previous post the band currently is recording their second studio album. In support to the upcoming record the band shared a video to the brand-new track "Abandon all hope". It was recorded using the good-old VHS equipment.
For me it's a great song and video! This track breathes a lot of atmosphere and a style of it's very own. It's hard and riffing but at the same time also catchy, melodic and won't leave your ears for quite some time. The VHS style perfectly fits to the story of the video. It's a fine mixture between today's cutting techniques and the old characteristic of a VHS production. I think many of you out there who ever did a video with that stuff will walk a bit down memory lane with this one and maybe see that it even fit's properly for today's needs.

To stay in touch with the band make sure to hit the like button on the band's Facebook page or head over to Instagram and follow the making of the new album there. The Soundcloud page of the band is also worth a look and moreover listen. ;-) If you carefully look around on all of the mentioned sites you'll find some very cool and nice stuff.

The line-up of the band:

Erik Lund Jonsson - Vocals 
Peter Jonsson - Guitar  
Anton Forsman - Guitar
Thomas Perrsson - Bass
Pecka Wexell - Drums   

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