Tad Morose to kick off European Tour in September in support of new album "St. Demonius"

Things may take a while in life but in the end they can turn out for the good. That's what I thought when I got the info that Tad Morose will finally be able to play a proper tour for their brand new record entitled "St. Demonius". The band will be joined by their fellow countrymen in Silent Call, so you'll also be able to discover a new band if you don't know them yet. I've discovered a lot of new bands live and often it was a very pleasant surprise that came my way. So one more reason to go to one of the shows. :-)

The complete tour dates are shown on the poster below.

(c) by Tad Morose, used with kind permission

Tad Morose have been part of the heavy metal scene for over 20 years, and so far time they released seven studio albums. Their newest, eighth offering, "St. Demonius" is scheduled for the August 28th release via Despotz Records. The new album is the second release in a row featuring ex-Steel Attack singer Ronny Hemlin, after the release of 2013's "Revenant."

In an interview with metalshockfindland.com, guitarist Christer "Krunt" Andersson said about the new album following: "It’s Tad Morose kind of metal, a little bit more of everything I think. A lot of the lyrics are about the crap that’s going around in today’s world, people never ever seem to learn from history. And all the religious bullshit that’s going on, why can’t people just sit back, shut up, play heavy metal, drink beer, smile and have a good time? Let everyone believe in whatever they believe, as long as they don’t hurt anybody. That’s a lot of the things going on in the lyrics."

If you haven't heard some music of the new Tad Morose record then here is the video for "Your own demise" for you to check out.

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